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  • Granulation Line

    Our granulation line is widely used in such industries as medicine, food, dairy products, chemical industry, etc. Granulation line equipment adopts the most advanced design concept of SAR LABORITECNIC...

  • Coating Machine

    Our coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, biological products, food, etc. As an efficient, energy saving, safe, clean mechanically and electrically integrated coating equipment conforming ...

  • Mixer

    Our company is a professional mixer manufacture in China. We have four types of mixers: Hopper Mixer, Fixed Hopper Mixer, Single Column Mixer and Hopper Replacement Mixer. Our mixer is an ideal machin...

  • Lifting Machine

    Our company has three types of lifting machine: NTD lifting machine, moveable lifting feeder and lifter among floors. The lifting equipment is manly used for conveying solid materials in pharmaceutica...

LANTYPC® Machine

Established in 1999, LANTYPC® Machine is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment and is capable to provide complete set of solid preparation equipment for pharmaceutical factories. Established in 2012, LANTYPC® Machineis a wholly-owned subsidiary of LANTYPC® Machine