Granulation Line

Process Flow
The granulation line equipment integrates automatic feeding system, close connection, adhesive automatic supply, wet type granulating, wet type granule sizing, closed discharging, fluidized bed drying, in-place vacuum discharging, online granule sizing, and granules enter the closed mixing hopper for next procedure.

This production line is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, dairy products, chemical, etc. The granulation line is a process machine widely applied during production, for example, production of tablets, capsule and granules.

Structural Features
1. Granulating production process is totally-enclosed.
2. Granulation line machine adopts the most advanced design concept of SAR LABORTECNIC Company.
3. User-friendly design is adopted to ensure a structure that combines pedal and machine frame. With small floor space and no need corner, structure of granulating production machine meets GMP requirements.
4. Our granulation line equipment is provided with different levels of management authority.
5. FDA/cGMP requirements are satisfied to process tracking and traceability.