HDD Series Single Column Mixer

HDD Series Single Column Mixer
Working Principle
Push the mixing hopper into gyrator arm and lock the nut. Start control system and lift hopper to mixing height. The control system will carry out automatic mixing according to the set time, rotation speed and other data. After mixing operation is finished, it is positioned at the horizontal position. The hopper will automatically fall to the ground, and machine will stop and process data will be printed. Loosen the locknut of gyrator arm, and push the hopper out and transfer it to next procedure.

1. HDD series single column mixer adopts the most advanced design concept of SAR LABORTECNIC Company, featured by reasonable structure, stable performance and simple operation.
2. With small floor space and low dead weight, this single column lifting mixer is suitable for installation on floor.
3. Our single column lifting machinery is provided with in-place material distribution function after mixing, which provides convenience for optimizing production processes.
4. It is provided with perfect safety protection system. The rotation is stable and reliable without vibration.
5. This single column mixer is equipped with PLC and human-machine interface automatic control.
6. It is also provided with infrared safety device.
7. FDA/cGMP requirements are satisfied

The HDD series single column mixer is widely used in such industries as pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, dairy products, etc. The structural performance of our single column lifting mixer has reached the level of similar international products.

Technical Parameters
Model Main Structural Dimensions (mm) Mixing Rotation Speed (rpm) Net Load (kg) Total Power (kW) Machine Weight (kg)
L W W1 H H1 H2 H3 H4
HDD200 2250 1800 1200 2500 1950 800 350 2300 2 to 15 100 4.4 700
HDD400 2540 2100 1450 2800 2250 800 350 2400 2 to 15 200 5.2 1100
HDD600 2660 2400 1586 2800 2450 800 350 2500 2 to 15 300 5.2 1400
HDD800 2820 2500 1730 2800 2650 800 350 2500 2 to 15 400 7 1700
HDD100 3040 2700 1840 3100 2800 800 450 2500 2 to 15 500 7 2100
Our company can customize the products according to users’ special requirements. Subject to change without prior notice.
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