Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling machine is mainly used for filling powder into hard capsule and is equipped with different sizes of dies. It is able to fill the capsule size from 00 to 5 and fill speed can be adjusted as needed. This capsule filling machine adopts dosing method of intermittent motion and multi station spout plug which can automatically finish processes of turning around, separating, filling, rejecting, closing, ejecting qualified capsules and clearing dies.

1. This automatic capsule filling machine has small size and small floor space, so there is more space for operation.
2. The lightweight equipment requires low load capacity for installation space.
3. We strictly control every part through three-dimension design, drawings, material guarantee, technological requirements and processing equipment.
4. Our automatic capsule filler is equipped with complete verifying file system, it can be traced from delivery to contract requirements, and every step is guaranteed by relevant files.
5. We have 3D exploded view of capsule filler in order to clean and assemble conveniently.

1. This capsule filling machine adopts dividing box drive system.
2. Pellet device can be used for filling pellets and particles.
3. The rejector is simple and reliable.
4. Touch screen is safe and easy to operate.
5. Production data can be printed.

Our automatic capsule filling machine is applied in filling hard capsule with size from 00 to 5 and is equipped with related device for filling pellets, particle and tablets.