Coating Machine

There are two types of coating machines: HBG Series Hopper Replacement Coating Machine and BG Series High Efficiency Coating Machine. Our coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, biological products, food, etc. As an efficient, energy saving, safe, clean mechanically and electrically integrated coating equipment conforming to GMP requirements, the automatic coating machine is used for organic film coating, water soluble film coating, sustained-release and controlled-release coating, sugar coating, and gum and chocolate coating for tablets, pills and sugars.

1. Our coating machine adopts the most advanced design concept of SAR LABORTECNIC Company, featured by reasonable structure, stable performance and simple operation.
2. We use the anti-blocking spray gun independently researched and developed by Hanlin.
3. Stepless variable speed pneumatic motor and unique eddy current mixing paddle are applied to out mixing tank.
4. The in-place cleaning function is realized.
5. This coating equipment is provided with functions of online memory of production process parameters and printing output.
6. FDA/cGMP requirements are satisfied.