HBG Series Hopper Replacement Coating Machine

HBG Series Hopper Replacement Coating Machine
Working Principle
Through the streamlined diversion device, tablets continuously make complex movement in clean, and closed rotary coating drum. Coating medium is automatically coated on tablets which under double actions of peristaltic pump and gas spray gun. Meanwhile, hot air is supplied under negative status through negative automatic control unit. Hot air is discharged from exhaust unit at the bottom of coating pot after passing through tablet cores, so that coating medium on tablet surfaces is dried rapidly, evenly and solid, finally the smooth film is formed in this hopper replacement coating machine.

1. Hopper replacement coating machine adopts the most advanced design concept of SAR LABORTECNIC Company, featured by reasonable structure, stable performance and simple operation.
2. We use the anti-blocking spray gun independently researched and developed by Hanlin.
3. Stepless variable speed pneumatic motor and unique eddy current mixing paddle are applied to out mixing tank.
4. The in-place cleaning function is realized.
5. Our hopper replacement coating equipment is provided with functions of online memory of production process parameters and printing output.
6. This China hopper replacement coating machine fully meets FDA/cGMP requirements.

Our HBG series hopper replacement coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, biological products, food, etc. As an efficient, energy saving, safe, clean mechanically and electrically integrated coating machine conforming to GMP requirements, this hopper replacement coating equipment is used for organic film coating, water soluble film coating, sustained-release and controlled-release coating, sugar coating, and gum and chocolate coating for tablets, pills and sugars.

Technical Parameters
Model Production Capacity (kg/batch) In Cylinder Capacity (kg) Drum Rotation Speed Range (rpm) Host Motor Power (kW) Hot Air Temperature Adjustment Range (°C) Hot Air Filtration Precision (µm) Hot Air Blower Motor Power (kW) Exhaust Fan Motor Power (kW) Host Dimension (L × W × H) (mm) Host Weight (kg)
HBG-10F 10 1, 5, 10 2 to 30 0.55 Normal to 80°C 0.5 (Class 100,000) 0.75 2.2 970 × 880 × 1800 450
HBG-20F 20 10, 20 2 to 25 0.55 0.75 2.2 1140 × 1000 × 1900 500
HBG-40F 40 20, 40 2 to 20 1.1 1.1 3 1200 × 1100 × 1950 600
HBG-75F 75 35, 75 2 to 18 1.5 2.2 5.5 1400 × 1150 × 2140 850
Our company can customize the products according to users’ special requirements. Subject to change without prior notice.
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