Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment
Auxiliary Equipment for Tablet Press

1. Vacuum loading machine
Vacuum loading machine is an auxiliary equipment of tablet press to feed granules and powder to hopper, mixer, etc.

2. Tablet deduster
Tablet deduster is an auxiliary equipment of tablet press to remove some powder stuck on surface of tablets in pressing process.

3. Uphill tablet deduster
It is an auxiliary equipment to wipe out burr and dust of tablets while they are being transported upwards. It can be connected with tablet press and metal detector.

Auxiliary Equipment for Capsule Filling Machine

1. Empty capsule uploading machine
This empty capsule uploading machine is suitable for all sizes of capsules and can be connected to capsule filling machine.

2. Capsule polishing machine
Capsule polishing machine improves the surface finish of capsules by cleaning the powder attached on their surface.

3. Capsule polishing machine
This capsule polishing machine can not only polish capsules but also automatically reject low weight capsules, loose pieces and fragments.

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