Tablet Press

GZP/ZPT-265 series and GZP/ZPT-370 series tablet presses are single-sided rotary tablet presses. Turret rotates one circle to finish the process of filling, dosing, prepressing, pressing and ejecting. They can produce round, irregular, engraved and annular tablets. The rotary tableting machine applies to continuous production of small and medium batch single-layer tables for pharmaceutical factories. With modular structure, our single-sided rotary presses have strong bending and torsion resistance. The equipment is stable and has low vibrating noise when operating at a high speed. The automatic high-speed tablet press can be operated by adjustable hand wheel and touch screen.
GZPD-560 series, GZPS-720 series and GZPT-1060 series tablet presses are automatic high-speed tablet presses without hand wheel. They are highly automatic that all position and parameter adjustments are controlled through touch screen. These machines can produce single-, double- or three-layer tablets, as well as round, irregular, engraved and annular tablets. The rotary tableting machine applies to continuous production of small and medium batch single layer tablets for pharmaceutical factories. This automatic high-speed tablet press adopts modular structure design.
Major parts of our tablet presses, including track, main-press roller, pre-compression roller, feeder and dosing device are easy to dismantle, clean and maintain, and fully meets GMP requirements.

Technical Advantages
1. Upper and lower turrets adopt QT600-3 with good abrasion resistance and lubrication.
2. Middle turret is made of 2Cr13 stainless steel and treated by a special process. It makes surface hardness to achieve above HRC55. It has high hardness, excellent abrasion resistance and good corrosion resistance.
3. Face runout of middle turret is less than or equal to 0.04 millimeters.
4. Damper of lower turret adopts magnetic damper without adjustment even use it for a long time.
5. Main motor of automatic high-speed tablet press and feeding motor are driven by frequency converter. Production speed can continuously adjusted as required when in production.
6. This rotary tablet press is password protected.
7. Our automatic high-speed tablet press is equipped with automatic failure alarm and shutdown. Alarm histories are recorded.
8. Middle die is made of Cr12MoV and has great hardness and toughness.
9. Upper punch and lower punch are made of 6CrW2Si and have great hardness and toughness.
10. Dies are 100% interchangeable.

After-sales Advantages
1. Our company provides a full set of manuals dealing with equipment structure, spare parts and maintenance. Instruction, material certification, DQ\IQ\OQ\PQ, FAT, SAT, SOP, SMP, CIP and circuit diagram are provided.
2. Our company owns 16 offices and global after-sales service team with 60 staff.
3. We keep regularly offering maintenance proposals to customers.
4. We have 50 machining centers with excellent accuracy, 15 precision grinding machines and over 50 heat treatment equipment and other equipment. Crucial parts are produced by high-precision CNC machining center.
Turret processing: CPV-1200B series equipment with grating, auto-compensation and linear guide, boring accuracy can reach ± 0.005 millimeters.
Guide rail processing: 3060VMC machine center, positional accuracy can reach ±0.005 millimeters.
Baseplate processing: HBM-5T milling and boring center, positional accuracy can reach ±0.015 millimeters.
Turret detecting: Coordinate measuring machine from Switzerland. We have a complete quality management system and over 400 detectors to fully guarantee quality.

1. The company has set up development centers in Beijing, Tianjing and Zhangjiakou to ensure products and technology in leading position.
2. We have global remote control center. Latest upgraded online tablet press provides remote monitoring and maintenance of the equipment. Automatic high-speed tablet press can collect data, make failure alarm, offer maintenance proposals and give feedbacks of product improvement.
3. Rotary tableting machine is easy to operate and equipped with cable.

When choosing tablet press, please pay attention to production range and types of dies among different models. Every batch of tablets has specific compression ratio. This determines production speed and forming speed, and don’t blindly operate the machine at full speed.