Tablet and Capsule Filling Line

1. Our tablet/capsule bottle filling line owns best cost performance.
2. Tablet/capsule filling line adopts touch screen and PLC human-machine interface control system.
3. Key components adopt originals from Europe and America or Japan.
4. You can set auto-stop and auto-alarm when any unit on the work line breaks down.
5. We can monitor and alarm people when bottles are in short supply or blocked on work line.
6. We allocate an online weight detector according to customer’s special requirement.
7. There’s only one unit connected with the concentrated power and air supply.
8. Tablet/capsule bottle filling line fully meets GMP requirements that all the materials are permitted by pharmaceutical industry.

Work Flow
1. Bottle unscrambling (LP900A automatic bottle unscrambler, PLP700 turn-table bottle unscrambler and GLP800S automatic bottle unscrambler are available)
2. Tablet/capsule counting (CZG80/16, CZG80/32, CZG100/16A and CZG100/32A tablet/capsule counting machines or YP-100 round plate tablet counting machine are available)
3. Inserting (CSZ-100 paper inserting machine, CSM-60 cotton inserting machine and GZT-150 desiccant inserting machine are available)
4. Capping (XG-100A screw capping machine and YG80 capping machine are available)
5. Induction sealing (DG-1500B, DG-3000A and DG-3000B induction sealing machine are available)
6. Sticker labeling (TBY-100A and TBY-100B sticker labeling machine)