GZPS Tablet Press

GZPS Tablet Press
GZPS-720 series high-speed double-sided tablet press can finish the process two times in one rotation of turret, including filling, dosing, prepressing, pressing and ejecting. Developed in 2005, GZPS-720 series high-speed double-sided tablet press is the ideal equipment for mass production of tablets. This double-sided tablet press adopts modular structure design. Major components of this machine including track, main-press roller, pre-compression roller, feeder and dosing device are easy to dismantle, clean and maintain. GZPT tablet press fully meets GMP requirements and is capable of producing double-layer and two-tone tablets, as well as round, irregular, engraved and annular tablets.

Double-sided feeding, tablet pressing and ejecting


1. D/B/BB/BBS/HLS14 series punches can be used in this machine without changing main machine.
2. Electrical control mechanism adopts B&R PCC (program-controlled computer). Compared with traditional PLC (programmable logic controller), it owns stand-out performance in CPU frequency, data storage, scan cycle, programmed language and calculation speed.
3. C programming language can realize many functions which can’t be achieved by PLC.

4. Automatic double rotary tableting machine adopts communication control system that state of servo can be displayed on screen.
5. Expansion I/O adopts modular design so that non-professionals can also maintain and replace it, and there is no limit of numbers of servo motor.
6. Our double-sided tablet press is equipped with various interfaces including 232, 485, Ethernet and USB interface.
7. Both program and data are stored in CF card.
8. Double-sided tablet press is equipped with real-time data acquisition and data backup system.
9. Any production records, e-signatures and electronic records are accessible on a computer.

1. Rigid four-column structure helps to offset forces in operation, ensuring machine can run stably with low center of gravity.
2. Traditional hydraulic system are replaced with strong supporting system, which helps triple rotary tableting machine to avoid oil leakage, thus to prevent tablets from being contaminated.
3. Dosing mechanism and lower roller mechanism can be adjusted through worm gear driven by motor, and adjustment precision can reach 0.01 millimeters. Operator can adjust two mechanisms by setting value on the touch screen or by transferring parameters already saved. In this way, it’s easy to make adjustment and loss of powder can be reduced during adjustment.

Dosing and transmission mechanism
4. Main-press roller structure is the same with pre-compression roller structure (250 mm). Both pressure can reach 100 kN and can be displayed on the touch screen.
5. When pressing oval tablet or concave tablet, large pre-pressure ensure air in the powder can be well pressed out before tablet is shaped, thus reducing possibility of tablet breakage.
6. If main-press roller is broken incidentally, it can be exchanged with pre-compression roller until new roller arrives, thus production can still continue.

7. Both main pressure and pre-pressure sensors are LCD-22.7Ttt from TEDEA, Germany, which can precisely and directly detect the pressure, thus ensuring the pressure is stable and easy to test.

7. Our double-sided tablet press is equipped with modular cam track. Upper cam track is divided into downward track of upper punch, mounting track of upper punch, upward track of upper punch and top track between main-press roller and pre-compression roller. Lower cam track is divided into filling cam track, dosing cam track, upper track of dosing device, protection of lower punch, lap plate, lap plate of main- and pre-compression roller, lap plate of main-compression roller, ejection cam track, upward track of ejection cam and handling device.

8. Triple impeller force-feed device controls the flow of powder and ensures the accuracy of feeding.

9. The dust collecting mechanism adopts big wrap angle design, which helps thoroughly clean redundant powder and prevents products from being contaminated.

10. This automatic double rotary tableting machine adopts automatic central lubrication system.
11. Electric control system is entirely separated from main machine. This design can extend the service life of electric control system.
12. Users can set different passwords for safe operation.
13. Our double-sided tablet press adopts automatic tablet weight control system.

From this picture, we can know the average pressure deviation. When average pressure value (white line) goes beyond preset range (green line), servo motor will quickly make adjustment.
14. Technological parameters can be saved and invoked, which reduces adjustment time.
15. Our equipment can be used for small-scale experiment.

1. GZPT tablet press is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.
2. Automatic triple rotary tablet press is capable of producing single-, double- and three-layer tablets, as well as round, irregular, engraved and annular tablets.
3. Our tablet press can press particles at the mesh size from 12 to 60 and with good compressibility and fluidity.
4. The double-sided tablet press can press the synthetic medicine which is uniform, dry and with fine granules less than a third of granules.
5. Our equipment can press dry traditional Chinese medicine.

Model GZPS-51 GZPS-65 GZPS-83 GZPS-89 GZPS-101
No. of Stations 51 65 83 89 101
Punch Type D B BB BBS HLS14
Max. Output (tablets/hour) 490000 624000 796000 854000 969000
RMP 8 to 80
Max. Main Pressure (kN) 100 25
Max. Pre-pressure (kN) 100 25
Max. Filling Depth (mm) 20 16 16 16 16
Range of Tablet Thickness (mm) 1 to 8.5
Max. Tablet Diameter (mm) 25 16 13 11 10
Max. Length of Irregular Tablet (mm) 25 19 16 13 11
Punch Diameter (mm) 720
Main Motor Power (kW) 11
Weight (kg) 5500
Dimension (mm) 1300 × 1300 × 2000
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